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Unigaz expands its operations in the Iraqi residential sector
Unigaz is always striving to follow the latest standards in providing the best solutions when it comes to gas services, and is actively seeking out prominent projects to apply its extensive experience in this field. Thus, aligning with this commitment, Unigaz Iraq got the opportunity to energize Baghdad Residences Avenue by installing a full fledged gas network system to the 600 housing units of this complex.

In collaboration with the Gas Filling Company (GFC), Unigaz Iraq's installation team was able to establish and install the needed gas systems in Baghdad Residences Avenue in accordance with the necessary guidelines and safety requirements needed when emptying LPG into tanks until it reaches the housing units.

Through its technicians and specialists' expertise, Unigaz will continue to serve its customers with the best practices and provide more innovative solutions through its various facilities around the world.

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