As the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic changes day by day, Unigaz continues to take responsibility to be an essential LPG provider. The company has been defying the current challenging environments throughout its entities in the GCC, Middle East & Africa to provide its clients with all its gas-related activities & services. 

LPG is used to meet every day needs such as heating homes, cooking, drying clothes, hot water for showering, and sterilizing equipment. Besides, LPG services are essential not only to those at home helping to flatten the curve to support the medical providers and prevent community spread but also to hospitals, hotels, restaurants and bakeries.

As a provider of an essential service, Unigaz plans extensively for these dynamic and unpredictable challenges, and it is proud of how the teams in all Unigaz entities have reacted to maintain a reliable supply of LPG to its customers across the countries it operates. The company is responsible, and it will do everything it can to limit the virus spread and help flatten the curve.
Uniga.z is always ready to help the communities where its people live, and businesses operate. The company offers support to governments and partners to see where it can do more.

  • In Oman and Jordan, Unigaz is supplying LPG to hotels that have quarantined residences. Significant efforts are being undertaken to ensure continuous LPG supply during these uncertain times. Unigaz is working relentlessly to ensure that it is delivering gas safely and doing its part to help reduce the transmission of Coronavirus.
  • In Iraq, Unigaz is supplying LPG to restaurants, bakeries and the small businesses that are keeping their doors open throughout the Government-imposed Coronavirus lockdown as they are classed as “essential food providers”.
  • In the UAE, Unigaz is supplying LPG to hospitals seamlessly and without interruption, thus allowing the hospitals to focus on caring for the Coronavirus and other patients and continuing their mission of saving lives.
  • In Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, Unigaz is providing safe and reliable high-quality maintenance and emergency services. These efforts are another way to put safety first and help flatten the curve and further protect the communities.
Besides, Khaldoun Dib, CEO of Unigaz Group, stated: “At each operating site and office in the countries in which we operate, we have business continuity plans in place to sustain our services of gas distribution and maintenance to businesses and individuals”.

Moreover, Unigaz continues to focus on safety. The company emphasizes safe experiences with its clients, healthy working conditions for its employees and good practices in the broader communities in which it operates. Unigaz wants to play its part, to provide support and to keep as many people as possible safe.
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