With different unique features and advantages, these cylinders provide eminent convenience in multiple applications.


D-Cylinders are classified as the safest LPG cylinder in the market right now.

Space Efficient

D-cylinders allow you to save space while still getting a great amount of gas.

What are D-Cylinders?
Classified as the safest LPG cylinder in the market right now, the D cylinder is designed in a meticulous way to ensure safety and provide convenience. This option is cost efficient, allowing it to be the top choice among major industries including hospitality, commercial, and industrial. D cylinders are a bigger form of the traditional cylinders, yet a more convenient alternative for gas tanks, with more volume, less space consumption, and a gas level monitor, making it the optimal choice for SMEs.

D-Cylinder Features
Top View

D-cylinders have simple and easy-to use features.


Efficiency, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness are some of the major added values of D-Cylinders.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use D Cylinders

Unlike gas tanks, D cylinders are mobile alternatives that provide the same volume but allow for transportation of the cylinder for more convenience.


The D cylinder is composed of seamless steel, a whole piece that makes up the cylinder. This minimizes the risk of leakage since the cylinder is not put together manually, but is already one piece. This also leads to D cylinders not requiring a safety distance to be installed, where it’s manufactured safely and therefore eliminates the need for high proximity.


Once you purchase a D cylinder, you’re practically set for life. All you need to do is refill that same tank once it's empty. This makes it a worthy investment with 100% utility of the gas you’re paying for.


The vertical shape of D cylinders allows you to save space while still getting a great amount of gas. This makes them a great alternative to a gas tank, especially since you can install several D cylinders next to each other and it still wouldn’t require as much space as a gas tank would.

Gas Level Monitor
Gas Level Monitor

A very unique feature of the D cylinders is the gas level monitor attached to it, allowing you to monitor your consumption by reading the amount of gas remaining and alerting you to a need for refill.

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