Unigaz Lebanon & Abed Tahan: Bundling Up for Your Convenience
In a move that promises to reshape the landscape of consumer convenience and satisfaction, Unigaz Lebanon proudly announces its strategic partnership with Abed Tahan, a renowned name in the retail electronics and home appliances industry. This exciting collaboration is set to bring a host of benefits to our valued customers and further solidify Unigaz's’ commitment to innovation, growth and excellence.

This partnership was established to offer a holistic, seamless and convenient experience for our customers in Beirut. By aligning with Abed Tahan, Unigaz aims to provide a one-stop shop for both gas-related needs and a range of home appliances, ensuring quality and reliability. The collaboration unfolds in two key dimensions.

(1) In-store Convenience: Unigaz gas cylinder refill services are now available at Abed Tahan stores, offering customers a simplified way to access essential gas services while shopping for their gas-related appliances. At the same time, some of these are available at the Unigaz facility where customers can purchase the bundled products by either visiting the facility (Maps) or ordering via phone call (+961 1 666 666).

(2) E-store Exclusive Offerings: Customers can explore an exclusive selection of Abed Tahan products on the Unigaz E-store, mainly gas heaters. This platform provides access to a diverse product range, ensuring a comprehensive and hassle-free online shopping experience.

This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Unigaz and Abed Tahan. As we embark on this collaborative venture, we anticipate continued growth, increased customer satisfaction, and a shared commitment to convenience.
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