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Unigaz Baghdad, Your Right Partner for a Sustainable Future!
Aligning with Iraq’s sustainable development goals, Unigaz Baghdad is supporting this vision through advocating to make LPG the main source for operation in the country.

Our team does not suffice with only one service and scope of work, but works towards ensuring sustainability in every possible sector. Autogas is one of Unigaz Baghdad’s initiatives in supporting the nation's vision.

As advocates for a greener environment, we have recently designed, installed, and supplied حطة أضواء دجلة and محطة شواطئ دجلة with Autogas systems. Our team of professionals installed at each station two tanks that could hold up to 20 tons of Autogas each. The systems of the underground tanks include electrical and fire fighting systems, two dispensers, and underground piping, which were tested and approved by the Gas Filling Company in Iraq.

Unigaz believes that Autogas is not the future, but the sustainable present. Switching from petrol to Autogas creates a substantial difference for both the environment and the car itself. This conversion will lead to reducing greenhouse gas emissions that will consequently improve the air quality. In addition to being the economically friendly alternative to petrol, Autogas is a developed technology and has no additional risks compared to traditional fuels.

With Autogas, you are able to drive longer distances with the same size tank. That is, Autogas provides the same power of any alternative fuel with even better performance!

Our team is fully committed to enhancing the quality of life in all its communities by making clean energy accessible to all. That is why we plan to support and supply stations with full-fledged services in order to take on a cleaner and smarter alternative.

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